Goalkeeper in Ottawa writes records. And thanks to him fly to ice burgers

Do you wonder why the audience was in the Ottawa burgers?

The explanation is ultimately simple, but very interesting. And he binds to the goalkeeper of Andrew Hammond, nicknamed “Hamburglar,” according to a McDonald’s character painted on his mask.

The Canadian goalman was quite late – at the age of 27 – and was given the opportunity to catch the NHL. The Senators’ start at home. Actually, record. In the first twelve matches of the famous Hammond league, he received two and fewer goals, thus offsetting 1xbet Frank Brimsek’s historic record of the 1938/39 season.

He had collected more than once on Thursday’s Boston duel. Senators, however, won 6: 4. “I was not excited to get the third goal. But I knew it would come.More important than my series is that we were able to win. It was a strange match, special goals, “said Hammond.

Several hamburger players landed on ice and one of them, Curtis Lazar, struck home in the dressing room. “It’s an amazing, beautiful story,” said Canadian talent. Hammond’s rocket and, in particular, unexpected upsurge perfectly correlated with marketing, as is customary in North America. The Ottawa goalkeeper has received a thank you from McDonald’s for a meal voucher. Free. For Life.

An idea came from John Bergeron, the son of Chris Bergeron. He trained Hammond for three years at Bowling Green University, and even owns six branches of the popular fast food network in Ottawa Valley. And to that, the best betting bonus offers Senators.That’s why he did not hesitate and called to the Canada Tire Center to give bourgeois fans home-made matches in Ottawa.

The first “hambac” came to the pitch last night after the Philadelphia Flyers (2: 1 raid)

“I did not expect my career to evolve, but it’s all good fun. I take it all ten, “Hammond said. “It’s a sign of respect, it’s nice from fans. They love you. “

But the products of” Mecca “do not belong to the professional athlete’s daily diet.

What if Hammond grows up? How will he look like in the September camp next season, which he has not signed yet?

“I do not know. I think there are some new, healthier menus there.With a salad and so, “the Canadian smiled. “At least I know I’m not starving.”

Lazar was joking and amused to say he was jealous of his colleague. “Maybe I will have to try my luck in the goal and see what happens,” the Canadian youth said. A few days later he enjoyed the hamburger with his teammate right on the ice. Hammond did not do it so far because it was cold on Sunday.

So good taste!

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Author: Adam5811